Massage Treatments

As one of our most in-demand spa treatments, many come to The Wellness Center to indulge in massage therapy. But massage is not solely indulgent. There are many health and wellness benefits to regular massage as well. We hope you’ll find the time to schedule one of these massage treatments soon.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a classical European massage technique that manipulates muscles with the use of massage oils. Meant for relaxation and to improve circulation, Swedish massage eases muscle aches and tension and improves flexibility.

Lymphatic Massage

A form of massage in which hands and fingers apply gentle, wave-like movement meant to stimulate circulation in the lymph system, lymphatic massage drains away excess fluids and trapped toxins.

Massage Fusion

Massage fusion includes a combination of techniques. The masseuse applies deeper pressure to relieve tight muscle groups and Swedish massage techniques for full relaxation.

Hot Stone Therapy

Relaxing, therapeutic treatment in which smooth, warm basalt stones are placed or stroked with light pressure on areas of the body. Hot stone therapy works to release toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage style is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscular system. Deep tissue work uses a variety of firm, direct strokes and techniques to loosen areas and increase circulation to keep muscles supple.

Sports Massage

This massage focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. It is usually more vigorous and deeper than Swedish massage.